Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Younger Looking for Slightly Older

Tonight I went hot-tubbing with an older guy, and it was fun. He was a gentleman and didn't try anything on me. However, I agreed to go because I thought that there might be other people there. But there wasn't.
That, and the fact that he tries to chat with me every time I'm online, leads me to believe that he might be interested in me. This guy is 34. Now keep in mind that I'm still in my teens, so "older" to me is up in the 30's. That isn't to say that older guys aren't attractive. Hell, I wouldn't think twice before hooking up with Brad Pitt and Patrick Dempsey, who are both above 40.
But see, that's the thing, we would only be hooking up. Well, I can see me living off of them for a little bit... Allrighty maybe a long time, but that's beside the point. I wouldn't be able to connect with them on an emotional level because they're even older than my dad is!
Because of that, the age limit for my guys is 35. Any older and they'd be freaking twice my age! All over Craigslist, you see posts that say stuff like "Younger Looking for Older" or "Older Bear Seeking Young Twink" That, my darling, is a fetish. It is completely sexual.
So hookups and gold-digging (and really hot celebrities) aside, I prefer to stick with guys in their twenties.


  1. That is just not true. We are all human beings, and you can relate to anyone on an emotional level regardless of age, gender, race, or even (although it's kind of a stretch) political differences. It may be harder without the common ground you naturally share with people more similar to you, but it is still definitely possible. That said, stick to your true feelings and don't go out with a guy you don't want to go out with, whatever your reasoning. Just know that you can make anything work, and being closed-minded will only limit your options.

  2. I agree that age doesn't need to matter, but the reality is that it often does.

    A friend of mine says that the rule of thumb is that you take your age, add seven, then divide by two, and that's the youngest person you should consider dating (taking into account legal statutes as well, of course).

    If you're looking for an older limit go the other direction: Multiply your age by two and then subtract seven. So if you're 18, theoretically (according to my friend's theory, at least) the upper limit of your dating pool would be 29 (18 * 2 = 36, 36 - 7 = 29).

    Obviously it's a rule of thumb, and only one person's opinion, and like Anonymous said the most important thing is to stay away from situations that make you uncomfortable. Just make sure that your discomfort isn't based on unfounded assumptions first.

  3. I am loving the blog! I hit the follow button and can't wait to see what comes next! I hope you check out my blog too sometime.

    Best of luck!