Monday, December 14, 2009

Dinner with Mother

This last Friday I went to dinner with my dear mother. In retrospect, in comparison to all the tension and crying since Thanksgiving Break, my mother's actions have recently been quite laudable. During our dinner conversation, she stated that she would let me make my own choices and deal with the consequences myself, but if I ever want to change, she knows a counselor who has a high success rate in de-gay-ifying homos. By no means is she waving around an HRC flag or marching in Pride, but at least she's recognizing that my sexuality might be here to stay, which is actually a lot more than I expected from her considering how it's only been two weeks since I came out to my family.
Sometimes her naivete surprises me though. She thinks that if I continue down this path of homosexuality, I'm bound to get AIDS, which is pretty damn ridiculous. Despite social stereotypes, being gay doesn't equate living a promiscuous lifestyle.
There was also one thing she said about her reaction that bugged me. Of course, I expected her to intensely freak out over Thanksgiving, but her reasoning was that she was going through a grieving process and that "it would be easier to grieve for a dead child because then at least she knew where they were going." It might be just me, but I think that's awful. But hey, if all gays go to hell, then it's going to be one heck of an orgy down there.
All in all, besides that last comment, I've been fairly impressed by the efforts of my mother, seeing as she's where I get my stubbornness from in the first place.

In more recent news, I might be giving up guys for a little bit. I'm not going straight, but I've been getting tired of trying to date them. Single gay guys seem to fit into at least one of the following three categories: horny, shallow, or unattractive. Otherwise, they're already taken.

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