Sunday, December 6, 2009

From Homo Beginnings

I received my very first comment on my blog today-- how exciting! Abelard Enigma asked "When did you first realize you are gay? Are you out to your family?"

I realized that I was a homo when I was a sophomore in high school. There was this way attractive kid in my PE class. I started trying to befriend him, and I found that the more I got to knew him, the more attracted I was to him.
For the next little while, it took me a while to accept that I liked guys. I knew that I liked to look at guys' bodies, but it took time for me to put two and two together. In my personal journal, I referred to him as "Watermelon" because I couldn't bring myself to even write a guy's name in it. There are pages in it where I wrote "I love Watermelon. I love Watermelon. I love Watermelon..." over and over again. It was pretty pathetic, especially since Watermelon was straight. (That point is debatable, though, as he's had a history with his male neighbor). In any case, nothing became of it, and I moved on-- or at least I attempted to-- but that's another long story for another day.
As for the second question, I actually came out to my parents about a week ago. It was... not a pleasant experience. They wanted me to seek counseling, to move back home, and to stop seeing my homosexual friends. They wanted to take me off their insurance because obviously being gay means you have AIDS (I'm a virgin, by the way, so it's highly unlikely that I do) .I love my parents, but sometimes they drive me up the wall. It has been a pretty ridiculous week so far, but recently they've realized that trying to shove their opinions down my throat is going to end up pushing me away, so they've mellowed down a lot. Seeing how the next few months play out with my parents should be interesting.

Anyways, this has given me a great recurring post idea for this blog called the "No Sh**!!! Zone", a reference to the HBLL library on BYU campus. Leave a question in the comment box of this post and periodically (weekly? bi-weekly? every month?) I will choose one of the more interesting ones to answer completely truthfully. Make 'em good questions!


  1. Welcome to The Family! I'm going to take credit for Abe's question since it looks like it came from my last post. But I'm glad you answered it here, I always love hearing about others' experiences. I hope you connect with the other Family members at BYU, they are a great group. And I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Um, I love the title of your blog. Also I love Glee. And Devil Wears Prada. And Mean Girls. "But Cady, you LOVE Ladysmith Black Mambazo!"


  3. Ah, but Alan, if you check, my comment where I asked the questions predates your recent blog post. But, I will give you partial credit for the December blogging theme :)