Monday, December 21, 2009


I went up to Club Gossip (AKA Club Sound) two weeks ago for the FIRST TIME. Got my clubbing-cherry popped! It was everything I ever imagined it to be, plus a tranny host and god-awfully disgusting bathrooms. Really though, I can't expect a guy to aim properly when drunk.
Event though I'm more of a reserved person, I was still disappointed that I left without meeting any new people or getting any numbers. See, this is how I imagined clubbing:
I'm sitting around a table with a few friends sipping on some fruity non-alcoholic beverage and watching everyone else dancing, admiring the people. Some really cute guy comes up to start flirting with one of us and asks us to go dance with him so we do. Afterwards, numbers are exchanged, perhaps a little groping commences off the dance floor, and then we leave.

That's not how it happened. There was a lot more grinding, less flirting, and no advances from attractive guys, which is mostly my fault. I could have been a lot more sociable that night. Instead, I just hung out with the people I went there with and avoided the cameraman-- after all, I do still go to BYU, and evidence of me being at a gay club would most definitely raise some unwanted questions.
Perhaps I need to loosen up before going again, but in any case, it was fun. A little trashier than I imagined, but still fun.

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