Friday, December 11, 2009

Toilet Paper-less

This is somewhat of a continuation of last night's post, but I just think it's sad and post-worthy. There has been no trace of any toilet paper in my apartment for the last week. I have bought about 75 percent of the toilet paper for the three guys in my apartment this semester, and we go through about a roll a week. And I am sick of it. Which is why I have been on a toilet paper strike for the past little bit. I mean, I'm moving out in a week, so I might as well make my roommates pay for their share of the toilet paper, right? Give 'em hell.
In any case, I spend most of my time on campus, so I am able to use their facilities there. I know it's disgusting, but if worse comes to worse, I have half a napkin stashed under my pillow for emergency purposes.

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  1. Sheesh. These guys are supposed to be grown-ups. Physiologically, at least.