Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Lesson on Fashion

Today I went up to Salt Lake with some of my gay friends to go shopping at the Gateway. Before I started hanging out with these guys, I would never consider buying clothes at American Eagle,
Abercrombie, or Express. For me, high class fashion was Aeropostle, and my wardrobe consisted of free t-shirts and medium-sized clothes. Apparently my size is XS. I found out that my jeans made my ass look like Godzilla.
Damn, I'm bad at being gay.
In any case, I learned my lesson. Shirts that fit are supposed to have uncomfortably tight sleeves, and high class fashion is Burberry and Louis Vuitton.
I ended up buying three shirts from American Eagle for under $25, which is a great price for beginning to revamp my wardrobe.
I have many shirts that sort of look like this.

And this is the kind of shirt I bought today!


  1. I've added your blog to the MoHo Directory, I hope you don't mind. Welcome to the Mormon Queerosphere.

    Tell us a little more about yourself. When did you first realize you are gay? Are you out to your family? Straight friends?

  2. It's more just that the shirts you bought actually fit you, as opposed to the tents you were wearing before...

  3. Yeah, see, I've told you the EXACT SAME THING about your clothes and you didn't listen. I don't know if it's sexism or sexual orientation discrimination.