Sunday, February 28, 2010

Differences in Dating

In straight Provo:
  • Introduction--You meet someone from your ward or through a friend
  • First date-- Double-date picnic on temple grounds
  • Topics of Interest-- Weird professors. Annoying roommates. Taylor Swift.
  • Doorstep scene-- Maybe a kiss... if you're lucky
  • Second date-- Just about equivalent to a marriage proposal
In gay Provo:
  • Introduction-- You meet someone through Connexion or Craigslist
  • First date-- Dinner, then sex. Shower together. Then sex again.
  • Topics of Interest-- Coming out story. Feelings on the Church. "John? OMG I dated him too..."
  • Doorstep scene-- Take him home the next morning
  • Second date-- A second date? What's that?


  1. Wow. Not to be cliche but this is SO TRUE! Right?

    I mean its exaggerated but also what happens a lot I think. Makes me want to disperse chastity belts, cause the alternative would be self control and well.....

  2. Not everone has sex on the first date, Twinky Chink. Just the slutty ones.


  4. Not everyone has sex on the first date like you. And you cant take people home you dont have a car.