Sunday, February 14, 2010

No Sh**!!! Zone: February

It just so happens that Chinese New Year lands on February 14th this year. Of course, it's been masked by Diem Sancti Valenti-- I don't see one post on Facebook about Chinese New Year. Despite my yellow exterior, I was never one to celebrate my Asian culture. My blood runs red, white, and blue. Location, location, location. I blame it on my upbringing; I'm pretty sure I was the only male Asian in my graduating class.

In any case, happy Chinese New Year! Prosperity to all, dragons, firecrackers, and all that good stuff.

My first guy crush (a.k.a. Watermelon for those who remember my first few posts) was born on February 14th as well. In my sophomore year, when he turned 16, his friends put up posters around the school advertising his newfound date-ability, plastering his phone number all over the walls.

I was pissed beyond belief, for absolutely no good reason at all. At that point, he and I were casual friends, and I wasn't out to anybody yet, so my raging jealousy had no justification. I think what frustrated me was the realization that he was in the market, and I was unable to put in a bid. That thought reinforced the feeling that I would be closeted and lonely forever.

I trudged around bitterly that day, which was incredibly stupid of me. Now, reminiscing exactly three years later, I'm glad that my mindset has somewhat changed.

So, Happy Chinese New Year to all, happy birthday to Watermelon, and, of course, Happy Valentine's Day.

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