Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dodging The BYU Fuzz

Lately I've been hearing that the BYU honor code office is allowing their employees to create fake Connexion profiles to catch sexually active BYU students, which I find only slightly surprising and very outrageous.

Consequently, I tightened up my personal profile by removing any personal information that may connect the account to me. There goes my Connexion life. I'm not sure if what I've heard is merely rumors, but it can't hurt anonymizing myself since I already have a red mark against me as it is.

Yesterday, this very shady guy started chatting with me. Usually guys start off by asking questions like, "Hey, how's it going?" "Where are you from?" "How are you?" "Nice pics. What's up?"

This guy, however, asked questions like, "Are you a BYU student?" "What are you doing on this website?" "Do you have any gay friends?" Frick, he sounded like my bishop! Moreover, he had no picture and maybe three words of personal info on his page. All of this aroused suspicions, and I promptly cut off the conversation by saying that I had to go to class.

So, this guy may or may not be an honor code homo-hunter, but the fact that I had to worry about the possibility is so typical of being gay at BYU. Sometimes I wonder why I even stay here-- All this red tape drives me crazy! I prefer rainbow tape, but c'est la vie.


  1. The more of this kind of thing I hear, the more ashamed I am of my BYU degree. Fortunately, my kids have no intention of going to BYU. They've heard stories like this and are appalled, and I can't blame them. They know they can get just as good if not a better education other places without the police state apparatus.

  2. Just gets creepier and creepier. My Father was in the Air Force OSI (think six million dollar man) in the 50s. According to him, the worst duty he ever had was the "homo hunting". He hated it. To think that it might (emphasis on might since we don't know for sure right?) be sanctioned by BYU, and thus the Church is depressing.

  3. That's just crazy and creepy. I'm tempted to open up an account or two just to mess with any potential "Homo-hunters"...

  4. That is why they invented a new system of being certified spy free over to eGRACE International.

  5. Haha... I was thinking exactly what GMB was thinking.

    This is nuts, but I'm not really too surprised (even though I am not a student at BYU). I'd like someone to absolutely confirm this.