Monday, February 1, 2010


So, I slept over at a high school teacher's house a few nights ago, and now my friend won't quit giving me flack about it! Maybe because I just graduated from high school 9 months ago? I guess that is a little kinky...

But in all reality, he didn't look like this old guy with the little boy. That's terrifying. I just put it up because it's funny in a very scary way. If you look closely, it kinda looks like he has a boner too! Yikes.

No, this teacher is only 28 years old, he looks more like this guy here:

All right not exactly, but he looks somewhat similar to him. In any case, I didn't even do much with this guy! I'll admit to kissing him, but it didn't go much further than that. He was a pretty good kisser too.

So funny story: I actually saw this teacher two years ago at a leadership conference in St. George during a school-sanctioned trip. I was a high school student and he was chaperoning high school students. I was 16 at the time. Totally untouchable. So obviously I didn't even introduce myself to him. Now that I'm legal (barely legal, that is), I can do whatever the hell I want!

I don't know how I feel about that. It's strange enough that I'm the same age as kids that are off-limits to him (I have a summer birthday), but the fact that I saw him when I could have been his student makes it even weirder. Plus the whole 10 year difference and whatnot.

Damn, this sounds so kinky it could be some sort of porno! "School teacher punishes misbehaving twink." Catchy, isn't it?

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