Monday, March 1, 2010

Greek and Roman Pornology

The church makes me really mad sometimes. Yesterday, the stake presidency came to talk to our Elder's Quorum about a variety of topics, ranging from temple covenants to Prop 8. Thank God I was asleep for all but the last two topics, or I probably would have walked out in the middle of the meeting.

One of the stake presidency said that all nude art is porn. That's right, folks. The Birth of Venus, The Thinker, and Michelangelo's David is all pornography. He said that when presented with a piece of nude art, one should say, "That is not art. That is porn." Ridiculous. Understandably, I wouldn't want my kids to see an independent film chock-full of sex scenes, but I wouldn't bar them from viewing "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo. I guess my Mythology professor has been flashing all of us porn during the class presentations.

Not only was this man's statement stupid and close-minded, it was also offensive.
Moreover, when he talked about the issue of Prop 8, he just blew my mind. The manner in which he was speaking was comparable to that of a war general rallying the troops. He then proceeded to quote a student who had humiliated her professor in front of his class because he was a gay rights activist: "Homosexuality is clearly wrong. The parts just don't fit."

Oh, the naivete. If only it were that simple.

Let's consider a man who's incredibly well-endowed and a very petite woman. What if their parts don't fit with each other's? Guess they weren't meant to be, eh? Because that's clearly and obviously the only criterion to determine love.


  1. Moments like that really get to me when every open-ended conservative explanation for why homosexual sex is wrong has an answer (ie. sex is not for pleasure; it's for reproduction... then why should infertile couples reproduce and why does the clitoris exist?). I get angry and very quiet when those things are said.

  2. I don't really hear people talk about homosexuality all that much at BYU. My roommate makes little sneers every so often, but it doesn't bother me. He's just ignorant and uninformed.

  3. Boskers, I wish I had attended your BYU, because my experience at BYU was all about dodging a minefield of people discussing homosexuality.

    And Twinky Chink...your stake president sounds certifiably insane.

  4. @Grant: My BYU was like Bosker's. Hardly an issue.

    @TC: Did you say anything?

  5. I like you twinky. You make me smile.

  6. Silus Grok:
    I probably should have said something, but my bishop is keeping an eye on me anyway, so I thought it'd be best to keep a low profile.