Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Curb Your Whoredom

Though it looks like it would chafe as much as giving birth to a sandpaper baby, I need to get me one of these! With 2010 comes a list of resolutions that will last maybe a month or so. For one of them, a chastity belt would come in awfully handy.
In other news, school is back in session and I've moved into my attractive neighbors' apartment. I found out they pee with the door wide open, which is kind of strange. My last roommate would go into our closet and close the door just to change even his shirt, so walking by the bathroom and seeing my new roommates' junk dangling about is kind of new to me. But hey, you don't hear me complaining!


  1. So your last roommate was a hypersensitive insecure prude, poor guy. Your new one is a lot more rational and comfortable with himself. You lucked out!

  2. The title and the photo alone made me laugh. Nice post.

  3. I agree, I saw the photo in my blog feed and knew I had to check out this post.